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Social homes are provided by housing associations (not-for-profit organisations that own, let, and manage rented housing) or a local council. As a social tenant, you rent your home from the housing association or council, who act as landlord.

There are many advantages when providing housing for Asylum seekers with serco. We are awarded the contract for over 10 years from the Home office. There is an immense shortage of such properties whilst extremely high demand.

The program for housing Asylum seekers by the government of UK has been active since the early 1990s (Learn More)

The answer is on the news. Read about the waves of Asylum seekers that came in the previous year via the Channel. Tens of Thousands of people came in. There is both legal and illegal asylum seeking. Regardless they need to be housed. More so, due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the asylum seeker process has been far longer than the historical 5 years. Thus more people and less accommodations.

No, we do not provide a sourcing service since this service is very risky to a buyer. Sourcers might manage the refurb on the properties however it is not likely that they  take on the full responsibility that these properties will be contracted. Unless the property that is being purchased is contracted and cash flowing, then it is highly risky for an investor to proceed onwards with a purchase from a sourcer without a contract in place already on the property. 

As an Investor..

Most of the lenders avoid providing mortgages on properties given for asylum seekers due to their long-term contract nature of 5 to 12 years. Therefore, we sell for cash. Refinance potentially via Together finance or Assets depending on one’s personal situation and their preferences, however, we cannot guarantee or promise that a refinance through these entities will be provided to you since their services are independent from us.

Homesly Properties Manages the property.

These properties that are up for sale are all newly refurbed, inspected & adhering to building regs, council regulations and our clients standards.

We sell with a 28 day completion time frame that includes an auction pack with electrical certificates, gas safety certificates, searches, and property condition reports from Homesly Properties.

As the tenants are asylum seekers and are considered vulnerable people that are protected by law, we sell the properties with the condition reports supplied by Homesly Properties in lieu of survey as the property must be returned in the original condition that the properties have been provided at the beginning of the contract.

Upon sale, we confirm to Homesly Properties that the property has been sold.  You provide Homesly Properties your contact details and UK banking details. You MUST have a UK bank account open before conveyancing.

Homesly Properties provides contracts with 7 to 10 years Contracts with guaranteed income.

We have had contracts renewed in the past  for additional years. There is a great need for these types of asylum seeker properties in the UK. However, we cannot guarantee nor confirm that contracts can be renewed at the end of the contract term.

We use Vasik as they insure Asylum seeker properties and can suggest the insurance agency we use. Insurance must be in place before conveyance of the property. Serco and Mears will not provide a contract without insurance on the property.

You may use either. Both a personal and company purchase are acceptable for us. This is a personal decision decided by you and/or your financial advisor. However, either purchasing entity must have a registered and active UK bank account.

Each property has a housing officer from Homesly Properties who is responsible for the property & tenants. The property must be returned in the original state as per the lease.


There are no management fees! Homesly Properties do not charge Investors or landlords for property management fees. On-going property management is part of the contract with Homesly Properties

Homesly Properties covers maintenance up to £5,000 per annum, not including structural issues. Homesly Properties will not contract a property with structural issues since a thorough inspection with property health check is done on all the properties before providing a contract. Homesly Properties does not have a limit of maintenance fees and covers all non-structural issues.

No, Homesly Properties do not have void Periods.

Unless any potential structural issues arise. (Homesly Properties will not contract or pass a property with any deemed structural issues and Properties must pass building regs as well as potentially council inspections) there are no costs involved.

BACS transfer on the last day of the month

Rental is payable pro-rata two months in arrears upon occupation of the
property. ( For example if a  property is occupied on  5th day of January 2022, rental is calculated
at 21 days occupied which is paid directly into your account on the 26th January 2022.

At the end of the rental term stated in your Tenancy Agreement.

As a landlord..

The lease provider will advise you of the suitability at the onset, this may
take a few days to achieve plus:
a) We will undertake an overall viewing inspection of your property upon initial
b) A thorough preliminary inspection of the property will be conducted after a
PCC has been completed. You will be issued with a full schedule of works,
to ensure compliance.
c) A final inspection will be conducted to ensure that all works have been
undertaken to a satisfactory standard.

No. The lease provider can assist with furnishing issues. We will discuss the
requirements on site at each property.

Approximately 4 weeks from a mutually agreed start date

a) Energy Performance Certificate
b) Local Authorities Registration certificate (if applicable).
c) Planning consent/Buildings Control (if applicable)

The lease provider will carry out:
Gas Safe Certification – Gas Safety certificate carried out and signed by an
independent Gas Safe registered engineer.
Electrical Safety Certificate – carried out and signed by an independent registered
electrician If required, Emergency Lights and Fire Alarm Panel Certificate – carried out
and signed by an independent electrician.

Yes. The Landlord is required to provide an up to date insurance policy.
Contents cover is not necessary.

Yes. The Housing Officers will carry out a monthly inspection in line with the
Compliance of the Home Office Compass Contract.

a) Structural defects and any safety issues that arise.
b) Fixed items e.g. pipework
c) External Damages caused by vandalism.
NB. Service User damages will be rectified by the lease provider at no cost to you.
Failure to comply with reasonable structural maintenance requirements as shown
above may result in the property being withdrawn from the scheme.

The lease provider require a minimum of two month’s written notice to
terminate the contract.

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